Savor + Sweat is a lifestyle platform and app unveiling workouts, clean eating recipes and wellness trends with a focus on helping women fuel their bodies for optimum performance with virtual and IRL cooking and functional workout classes. Each class taps into the healing power of food and movement to help you discover your balance and feel your best whole self.


A fitness expert, food entrepreneur and natural food chef with 15+ years in the fitness and wellness space, E R I N  S T E W A R T spent a decade owning and operating a boutique fitness brand with 26 locations around the globe prior to moving to Austin in 2021. She previously trained as a professional dancer, Pilates and barre instructor in New York City and is continuing to teach others the power of marrying fitness and food through her latest venture, Savor + Sweat. Through both her culinary nutrition and sustainable fitness classes, you can now bring Erin’s positive, insightful, and creative passion into your home.


Erin is a trained chef and worked under “maverick nutritional theorist” Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., founder of the Natural Gourmet Institute, as well as in the kitchen of New York City’s famed raw food mecca Pure Food & Wine. Erin also created and operated a nationally distributed cookie and granola line called O’Cookies Wholesome Bites before moving to Houston, where she founded DEFINE foods. Through DEFINE, Erin became widely recognized for her classes, workshops, recipes, and packaged meal delivery service that kept Houston nourished (and asking for seconds!).


Trained as a professional dancer, Erin earned a BFA in dance performance and kinesiology, worked with renowned choreographers and spent years performing on stages around the globe. Erin’s background in the movement arts led her to teaching, and after years of experience in Pilates, barre, dance, and fitness classes, Erin became one of New York City’s top celebrity trainers. She then spent a decade co-owning, operating and franchising a wellness brand where she created modalities and training programs helping instructors find their purpose and confidence, leading classes, workshops and lectures around Houston and beyond.

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