Zenbunni Rainbow Box

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Zenbunni Rainbow Box
Zenbunni’s Nine Signature Chocolate Bar Flavors in Tune with the Colors of the Rainbow
70% DARK
Contents: 9 bar box

This box encapsulates all of Zenbunni's favorite healing plants, fruits, herbs, spices, oils and superfoods they've discovered over the last decade and their unique and whimsical approach to sharing this ancient knowledge through chocolates.

They also share a Quartz point in your box, a stone known as the "master healer" and amplifier of all crystals, to super-charge the love in your chocolates.

Nine Stone Ground 70% Dark Microcosmic Chocolate Bars
Strawberry Schizandra - Radiate
Shiva Rose - Enchant
Ginger Turmeric - Thrive
Vanilla Reishi -Comfort
Holy Basil Mint - Refresh
Lost Salt of Atlantis - Mineralize
Chaga Chai - Restore
Mystic Mocha - Clarity
Canyon Classic - Nourish
Organic Stone Ground Cacao
Cacao Butter
Biodynamic® South Indian Cane Jaggery
Always Organic


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