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"Delicious low-fat, low-cholesterol treats conceived by a fitness instructor at New York's Physique 57."

"If men will eat it, then you know it's good..."

"Erin O'Leary: This cookie connoisseur gives us a sneak peek at her weekend."

"Say it Ain't O...O'Cookies starts Dallas delivery..."

"...when I heard about Erin O'Leary, who is an instructor at Physique 57...and the founder of O'Cookies...I had to know her secret..."

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" cookies that start with a whole-wheat flour blend, trim the fat and load up on good-for-you ingredients such as dried fruit and nuts."

" original line of guilt-free treats handmade with the finest organic ingredients."

"Two Dallas sisters with a love for baking and fitness have turned their passion into an online business..."

"Chewy, all natural, tender, health nut guy craving a healthy gal with a cool glass of milk."

"SMU Alums Erin and Meghann O'Leary's O'Cookies ( in the Big Apple..."

"I'm a total convert. You won't have to feel guilty about giving these little guys as favors to your guests!"

"my favorite Physique 57 instructor, Erin O'Leary, has launched her very own line of healthy, delectable, completely organic cookies, made only from the best, all-natural ingredients."

"Luck of the Irish...O'Sisters...niche cookie business with high expectations..."

"If O'Cookies is one of her fitness secrets, I'm sold"

"O'yeah...cookies with high standards..."